Explaining the FIFA World Cup

Explaining the FIFA World Cup

Are you a football fan? Who is your money on to win the FIFA World Cup this year? With 32 sides vying it out with one another for this years’ illustrious competition, only one team can be the cream of the crop. If you’re looking to make some money on the games by making smart, strategic bets on the outcomes of any given game, have a look at World Cup Tips to see what the experts are predicting. This is useful even if you’re just watching as a fan but is essential if you want to make sure you’re not just wasting your money by betting on the wrongs teams. The tournament will begin with 8 groups consisting of 4 teams each. Each side will play one another in a round robin phase. The top two sides from each group will qualify for the knock out phases of the tournament.

There is usually a group known as the “Group of Death” which consists of 3 or more sides that are expected to go far in the tournament. The reason it is known as the “Group of Death” is because two of these sides will progress but the other big names will be knocked out in the group phases. The FIFA World Cup always throws up a couple of surprises and I am sure this year will be no different. After the group phase come the knock out stages. The top two sides in each group will progress to the next round. This is when we get to the business end of the competition. From now on anything can happen. These are once off games and the slightest error or a moment of brilliance could be the difference between the sides.

The round of 16 comes first and the team that came top of their group will play against the side that came second in their group. After the round of 16, we get to the Quarter Finals stage and with only 8 sides left, the competition begins to heat up. In the FIFA World Cup knock out rounds, there has to be a result, therefore if a game ends in a draw, we have extra time and penalties. This period can be dramatic as the players are fatigued and are more prone to injuries as well as mistakes. It is crucial for players to stay focussed and concentrate right until the final whistle. If the game still hasn’t been decided by the end of extra time, it is time for the dreaded penalty shootout. This is a lottery as a player from each side steps up and take a penalty kick one at a time and the team that scores the most out of 5 kicks will win the game. If the scores are level after 5 kicks each, then it become sudden death and the first team to make the mistake and miss their penalty will lose the game. Players are usually left in tears if they are responsible for the teams failure.

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